Company History

From our modest beginnings in the early 2000’s, the Antique Impressions brand of quality handcrafted flooring has grown into a diverse family of flooring collections that range from rustic to chic. The evolution of the Antique Impressions brand into what is now recognized as one of finest offerings in superior hardwood flooring products was only made possible by the highly motivated team of professionals that has come together over the past decade.

Below is a brief recap of some of the major milestones along the way.

2002: (click year to expand)

The idea of a high quality, wide width, long length rustic flooring collection was created; the Antique Impressions concept was born.


Our first collection, the Antique Alder Collection was introduced; the line consisted of solid alder flooring in 3 standard colours.


We introduced our first line of engineered alder flooring. The introduction of engineering technology allowed us to manufacture products in much wider widths than previously.


Inauguration of our new manufacturing facility in Jiashan, PRC. Bringing everything together under one roof in a factory that was 100% owned by us allowed us to exert maximum influence over quality control, ensure that all of the wood used in our products came from responsibly managed North American forests, and enabled us to guarantee that all of the materials used in manufacturing our products (such as formaldehyde-free glue) were of the highest quality and meet strict environmental and health standards.

Development and introduction of our DuRa-Finish flooring finish technology.


Introduction of the Estate Plank Collection, offering a wide range of wood species, colours and textures.


Release of our Reclaimed Heart Pine Collection. The collection featured wide width, long length reclaimed heart pine from 100 year old buildings.


Unveiling of the Castillo Plank Collection and our highly praised, authentic foot-worn textures.


Transition to our patented DACS (Design for Advanced Core Stability) engineered structure. This best-in-class, highly innovative structure sets a new standard of form and function in engineered flooring.


Introduction of the Cascadia Collection of Douglas fir flooring, and of the Belleville Plank Collection, our second generation of engineered alder flooring.


Release of our Design Reference Book, an industry leading resource for interior designers and other industry professionals that features veneer samples from our entire lineup of product offerings.