We insist on using only sustainable wood sources, we recycle 100% of our wood waste, and we have strived to make as much of our packaging material recyclable as possible.

What is Antique Impressions’ environmental position?

At Antique Impressions, we believe that responsibly manufactured, premium quality wood floors represent an excellent choice for today’s environmentally-conscious homeowner. Not only are wood floors made from a natural, renewable material, they also outlast and outperform most other floor coverings, making them an excellent long-term, low-maintenance choice. A well-made, well-maintained wood floor can last a lifetime, and longer.

To ensure that our products meet our standards for quality and sustainability, Antique Impressions has a wide ranging corporate environmental program that guides every aspect of our product development and manufacturing operations. Its basic principles are:

  • ensuring the long term sustainability of the world’s forests by promoting responsible forestry, both within our company and throughout the industry
  • producing only high quality products that deliver high value, long term performance to our customers
  • encouraging environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient practices in our manufacturing facilities, in our corporate operations, and in our customers’ homes
  • supporting organizations that promote responsible forestry and land use programs

What is the Lacey Act?

The Lacey Act is America’s oldest national wildlife protection statute, enacted in 1900 to protect endangered birds and animals. It has been amended many times since it was originally signed into law. A new amendment, passed in 2008, makes it an offense to trade in products made from illegally-sourced agriculturally-based products. This includes many textiles, pharmaceuticals and paper products, as well as the obvious wood products like flooring or decking. The newly-amended Lacey Act also requires US companies to document the source of the woods they sell or use for manufacturing. All of the lumber used in Antique Impressions’ products is, of course, 100% in compliance with the Lacey Act.