The Antique Impressions Brand

The Antique Impressions brand of exclusive hardwood flooring is a distinctive expression of individuality. Unique in the industry for our focus on small batch, handcrafted flooring, we are obsessed with bringing forth original niche products with value that is unequaled in today's marketplace. The entire line of Antique Impressions flooring, designed and manufactured by Creative At Home, is made with strict adherence to our core principles of quality, originality, and service.

small batch, handcrafted flooring

By adhering to a principled approach to quality manufacturing, we have developed a reputation for an attention to detail that is rarely seen in today’s environment of mass produced goods. Our artisans take no short cuts when they hand craft each board: hand texturing allows each and every plank to be unique; hand staining ensures that wood will exhibit a lustre that only traditional methods can achieve; the bevels of many of our products are chiseled by hand for the most authentic effect, and holes and seasoning checks are filled by hand, resulting in the most aesthetically pleasing effect. 

original, niche products

Our uncompromising commitment to laborious and time consuming techniques of craftsmanship means that our finished products exhibit textures and tones that others cannot easily imitate. We believe that the most original and desirable new products are not stumbled upon by accident, but are created from focus and discipline.


Quality. Originality. Service. These are the core principles we live by, and they are the source of the exceptional value of an Antique Impressions floor. The entire line of Antique Impressions flooring is designed and manufactured by Creative At Home with these core principles in mind.

Our Passion

Every product in the Antique Impressions family of original creations is a reflection of an underlying concept: our flooring is designed to celebrate the beauty that nature expresses through the richness of colours and textures inherent in real wood. We take pride in the ability to enhance wood’s intrinsic splendor through a variety of artisanal techniques which include hand staining, fuming, bleaching, glazing and hand texturing, all the while striving to maintain the wood’s natural, true character. It is our deep held wish that those who have come to love our handcrafted wood flooring appreciate our commitment to these principles, and to the unquestionable beauty of real wood.

"Our mission is to be the most sought-after source of superior handcrafted wood products internationally. We encourage creativity and forward thinking in our employees, resulting in leading edge designs that merge innovative craftsmanship with unsurpassed quality and function. We take pride in providing service with honesty and integrity, and manufacturing our products with a vision toward an environmentally sustainable future."